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Srisailam, situated in the Rishabgiri Hills on the southern banks of the Krishna River in Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh, is not only a sacred destination of top order; it also ranks high as a centre of religion, literature and culture.  Also known as Sriparvata, the place is home to famous Bhramaramba Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple, one of the 12 Jyotirlinga shrines in India and a fine specimen of the south Indian temple architecture. What makes Srisailam unique the presence of Goddess Bhramaramba Devi, one of the eighteen Mahasakthis. The great religious leader Aadi Sankara is said to have visited this shrine and composed his immortal Sivananda Lahiri here.

Fast Facts
Temperature : Summer: 41 - 22°C
Winter: 30 - 15°C
Season : Throughout the year
Clothing : Cotton
Languages Spoken : Telugu, Hindi and English
STD Code : 08524

Tourism Office
India Tourism-Hyderabad, Ministry of  Tourism, Govt. of India
Ground Floor, Balayogi Paryatak Bhavan, # 6-3-870, Greenlands
Begum pet, Hyderabad-500016
Ph. No: 040 – 2340 9199 (Information Counter)
Fax: 040 - 23409299

Getting There

Hyderabad is the nearest airport that is connected by flights from major cities in India.

The nearest railhead is Markapur Road via Hyderabad and Guntur. However, the convenient railhead is Hyderabad

Srisailam is connected by good motorable roads to all places in South India.
Srisailam is:

  • 232 km from Hyderabad
  • 325 km from Anantapur
  • 180 km from Kurnool
  • 180 km from Nagarjunasagar
  • 436 km from Tirupati
  • 614 km from Vishakapaptnam
Where to Stay

Devasthanam Cottages & Devasthanam Choultries
Executive Officer, Srisaila Devasthanam
Srisailam 518101
Tel: 08524 - 288883, 288885, 288886, 288887, 288888

APTDC Haritha Hotel
Tel: +91 8524 288311, 287411

Karnataka Guest House
Zilla Parishad Guest House
Resvn: Secretary, Zilla Parishad, Kurnool


TTD Choultry
Resvn: Choultry Supervisor

Hotel Punnami (APSTDC)
Tel: (08524) 288311, 287369

Sights to See

Located at a height of 2830 feet, this most sacred spot is the highest peak of Srisailam Hills. The Sikhareswaram temple is an ancient stone structure consisting of Garbhagriha, Antaralaya and 16 pillared Mukhamanda.The deity here is named as Veera Sankara Swamy and locally popularized as Sikhareswara Swamy. This place gives a panoramic view of the entire temple complex of Srisailam including the meandering river Krishna.

Sthala  Puranam
When Siva and Parvathi decided to find suitable brides for their sons, Ganesha and Muruga argued as to who is to get wedded first.  Lord Siva bade that the one who goes round the world in Pradakshinam could get married first.  By the time Lord Muruga could go round the world on his vahana, Lord Ganesha went round his parents 7 times (for according to Sastras, going in pradakshinam round one's parents is equivalent to going once round the world (Boopradakshinam).  Lord Siva got Siddhi & Buddhi, the daughtersof Viswaroopan married to Lord Ganesha.  Muruga on his return was enraged and went away to stay alone on Mount Kravunja in the name of Kumarabrahmachari.  On seeing his father coming over to pacify him, he tried to move to another place, but on the request of the Devas, stayed close by.  The place where Lord Siva and Parvathi stayed came to be known as Sri Sailam.  Lord Siva visits Lord Muruga on Amavasai day & Parvathi Devi on Pournami.

Sakshi Ganapathi
Situated about 3 km from Srisailam, this small temple is one of the holy spots frequented by pilgrims since times immemorial.  Legend has it that the Ganapathi in this temple keeps regular account of all the devotees to tender Sakshyam (evidence) of their visit to this Kshetram and so named as Sakshi Ganapathi.  The sculpture of this deity is exquisitely made holding a book in the left hand and a pen in the right hand in such a way as noting down the names of devotees.  It is in practice that devotees during their return had the darshan of this Ganapathi and informed their name and gotra to him.  Srinatha, the 14th century famous poet in his Kasikhandam mentions that this Sakshi Ganapathi was visualized by sage Agasthya during his pilgrimage to Srisailam.

Akkamahadevi Caves
The Nallamalai Hill ranges are dotted with several natural caves and caverns which were known to human beings since the prehistoric times. Some of these caves became more famous and played a role in the significance of Srisailam.  The naturally formed Akkamahadevi Caves just above the flow of the river Krishna upstream is 10 km away from Srisailam. This cave is endowed with a geological marvel of natural Rock Arch measuring nearly 200 x 16 x 4 feet which stands majestically without any support. The surrounding of the cave and its journey through the river Krishna from Srisailam provides a wonderful experience to one and all.  Exploring the meandering cave to 150 meters deep is also very adventurous.

Named after the famous ascetic, lyricist and philosopher, Akkamahadevi from Karnataka who performed penance here and worshipped the Sivalinga that existed in the deep and dark end of the cave, the spot can be visited by motorboat arranged by the A.P. Tourism Department.

Phaladhara  Panchadhara
Located about 4 Km from the main temple, this inviting  scene spot in surroundings of Srisailam is famous for the spot where Bhagavan Adisankara performed penance and composed his famous work Sivanandalahari here.  This has been confirmed by Kanchi Paramacharya and marble statues of Sarada Devi and Sankaracharya have been installed there and daily regular prayers are offered. 


Alampur (27km)
Located on the left bank of the Tungabhadra River, the place is famous for Navabrahma Alayas – a group of nine temples belonging to the Chalukya period.