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An ancient heritage that is wondrous and unique

A tribal wonderland, Keonjharhas always held a magical allure for travellers for its geological, religious, social and anthropological significance. From the stunningbeauty and unspoilt elegance of dense forests,exuberant waterfalls, terraced valleys and exotic wildlife to one of the oldest (3,800 million years) rocks in the world, the opportunities to discover the wondrous treasures of this district of Odisha are endless. The discovered inscription at this place displaying a dancing Siva dates back to the 3rd-4th century AD and is the earliest specimen in this aspect of the god. Temples within the town and on the picturesque outskirts are places of religious significance. A mineral rich area, Keonjhar, also known as Kendujhar, is home to many steel factories.

Fast Facts

Temperature : Summer: 41°C
Winter: 13.6°C
Season : October to March
Clothing : Light cotton in summer and woollen in winter
Languages spoken : Oriya, Hindi, English & Tribal dialects
STD Code : 06766

Tourism Office
Government of Odisha Tourist Office, Panthanivas Campus, NH-6, Judia, Keonjhar-758 001, Tel: 06766 253603
IndiatourismBhubaneswar, Paryatan Bhawan, 2nd Floor Lewis Road, Bhubaneswar-751014, Tel/fax: 0674 2432203, 2435487, E-mail :, Website :

Getting There

The nearest airport is Bhubaneswar that is connected to major cities in India.

Keonjhar is a newly created Railway Station. However J.K.Road is the most convenient railway station.

Keonjhar is connected by good motorable roads to all places in India.
Keonjhar is:

  • 235 km from Bhubaneswar
  • 352 km from Kolkata
  • 220 km from Sambalpur
  • 175 km from Jamshedpur
  • 222 km from Rourkela
  • 114 km from J.K.Road

Hotels in Keonjhar

At Keonjhar

Hotel Kashvi International
Madhpur, Keonjhar
Tel: 06766 255323, 255324
DR Rs.2200-3000, Suite Rs. 3500

Hotel Shreekshetra International
NH-6, Keonjhar
Tel: 06766 250732, 257343

Panthanivas (OTDC Ltd)
JudiaKeonjharPanthanivas, Judia, Keonjhar.
Tel: 06766 253603/ 9238211629}

Hotel Ankita, Keonjhar
Tel: 06766 256114

Hotel Mayur,Keonjhar
Tel: 06766 255245, 251222

Abanya Bhawan, Keonjhar
Tel: 06766 255507

Hotel Arjun
N.H.-6, Traffic Square, Keonjhar
Tel: 06766 251631

Hotel Devi
MahavirChhak, Keonjhar
Tel: 06766 253125
Mobile: 9338567661

Hotel Sri Krishna
Madhapur, Keonjhar
Tel: 06766 256999

Hotel Raghunath
N.H.6, Keonjhar

Hotel Baral
Tel: 06766 255725

Gayatri Guest House
Tel: 06766 256444

Keonjhar Lodge
Near Daily Market, Keonjhar
Tel: 06766 255294

Hotel Ajanta
Tel: 06766 250468, 250414, 253372

Hotel Plaza
Tel: 06766 255246
Mini Lodge
Tel: 06766 253211

Mishra Lodge

Highway Guest House
Tel: 06766 255754

Hotel Krishna Palace
Near Pvt. Bus Stand, Keonjhar
Tel: 06766 254121

At Barbil

Hotel Adhar Agency
Opp. Police Station, Barbil
Tel: 06766 277475

Hotel Smita
Tel: 06766 276345

Hotel Prachi
near Bus Stand, Barbil
Tel: 06766 275043, 275228

Hotel Karrow
Tel: 06766 275374

Hotel Padma Inn
Tel: 06766 275967

Tourist Lodge
Tel: 06766 275179

Shantiniketan Lodge
Near Bus Stand, Barbil
Tel: 06766 275338/117

Jyoti Lodge
Tel: 06766 275026

Neelam Lodge
Bus Stand, Barbil
Tel: 06766 275105

Bombay Lodge
Tel: 06766 275572

Hotel Akash
Near Bus Stand, Barbil

Hotel Indrapuri
Tel: 06766 276919

Hotel Kailash
Manohar Market complex, Barbil
Tel: 06766 275998

Hotel Bomby Inn
New Market, Barbil
Tel: 06766 277100

Hotel Ambika
Tel: 06766 277356

Maa Tarini Yatrinivas
Panthasala, Ghatagaon
Tel: 06766 255218

At Anandapur

Paradise Lodge
Ghasipur, Anandapur
Tel: 220177

At Joda

Hotel Valley
Tel: 272298

Hotel Baidyanath
Tel: 272462

Pooja Lodge
Tel: 273950

Places to Visit

Vishnu Temple
The shrine of Vishnu is a famous pilgrimage destination in Koenjhar. The temple is visited by a large number of people.

Jagannath Temple
This shrine is another famous temple in Koenjhar.
Set amidst picturesque settings, the shrines of Siddha Jagannath, Diddha Kali and Panchabati are other famous pilgrimage centres on the outskirts of Koenjhar.


Sitabinji (30km)
Located 23 km on the Jajpur-KeonjharRoad up to Katarbeda and 7 km from there on river Sita, Sitabinjiis well known for its ancient fresco paintings on a rock shelter called RavanChhaya which is like a half opened umbrella.

Khiching (130km)
The place is famous for a lone black granite temple dedicated to goddess Khichakeswari. A museum with a rare collection of sculptures from nearby archaeological sites of Mayurbhanj district is an added attraction.

Khandadhar (60km)
An inviting spot where a glittering waterfall cascades down from a height of 550 feet is a premier travel destination. A shower in the plunging waters will be an unforgettable experience.  This waterfall is a smoking waterfall because of the “smoke like” appearance created by the spray of the plunging waters of the waterfall at this spot. The spot is ideal for picnic.

Sanghagra (5km)
A small 199 ft waterfall is breathtakingly beautiful - a haven of peace and tranquillity. A popular picnic spot, it is ideal for outing.

Badghagra (10km)
Badghagra is famous for its pristine and stunning beauty. The fall cascades from a height of 200 feet. The place attractspicnickers in large numbers.  

Gundichaghagi (65km)
A series of waterfalls near Harichandanpur falling down over hanging rock projections and is slowly gaining popularity.

Gonasika (45 km)
Surrounded by a series of valleys and wooded hills, Gonasikais a centre of pilgrimage for the temple of BrahmeshwarMahadev, established at the origin of the river Vaitarani. A little away from the point of origin, the river goes underground (hence called Guptaganga), only to be seen jumping after a short distance over a stone projection looking like the nostril of a cow.

A waterfall and a good picnic spot. For the religious, there is the Vishnu temple, the shrines of Siddha Jagannath and Siddha Kali at Siddha Math and the Panchabati embellishing its picturesque settings.

MurgaMahadev (70km)
It is situated by the side of a perennial spring of Thakurani hill in Champua Sub-Division of Keonjhar District. It is famous for the temple of MurgaMahadev.

Ghatagaon (50km) 
Place is known throughout the statefor the shrine of Goddess Tarini.

Deogan (Kosoleswar)
On the river Kusai near Anandapur, the temple of Kosoleswar, built in circa 900 AD, is a famous centre of pilgrimage. Once upon a time it was a flourishing seat of Buddhism. Even now a 5 feet high image of Avalokiteswar stands there, reminiscent of Buddhist activities in the past. Another important monument of the place is the stone embankment on the river which is the second of its kind in the state.